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3D models for web browsers
We create real-time 3D models for viewing in a web browser.

Ideal for online retailers, we can give your potential customers an immersive, interactive way of previewing your products.
Canon EOS 550D
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Interactive product previews
It's 2011 and giving your customers a small jpeg preview of your product isn't exactly cutting edge anymore. An interactive 3D model is the next best thing to visiting a bricks and mortar store and seeing the goods in person.
Remote Controlled Spotlight
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Increase conversion rates
Increase the conversion rates of prospective customers by giving them an impressive, interactive look at your products while they shop online. Making a product more tangible can help remove the last barrier to purchase.
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Powered by Java

Our exquisitely detailed 3D models are rendered directly in the browser using Java technology.

As long as the end-user's browser has Java enabled, they will be able to view the model and, unlike other 3D web solutions, they won't have to install untrusted 3rd party plugins.

Blaze 3D from holomatix
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Custom made to your requirements
If your product is available in multiple colours, we can show the different variants at the click of a button and if your product has moving parts (e.g. a slider phone or netbook) we can make the model open and close at the click of a button too.

Screens can also be customised to change or even play an animation at the click of a button.
Sony X1
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Realistic & smooth
We pride ourselves in producing accurate, realistic looking 3D models which are beautifully lit and rendered in realtime.
Samsung NC10
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Small file sizes
Not only do our models look great, they rotate smoothly on even an average computer. The file sizes are also surprisingly small given the high quality of the 3D models. E.g. a typical mobile phone model is only around 300KB in size.
Blackberry Bold
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Please take a look at our gallery for more examples of our real-time 3D models.
realtime gallery

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Ideal for consumer electronics...
Our custom-made 3D models are ideal for online retailers or manufacturers of consumer electronics and other products.

Real-time 3D models are particularly suited to online retailers / manufacturers of:

Flip Mino
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Sports equipment...
Sports equipment manufacturers/online retailers can also benefit by showcasing their products in 3D. View the golfclub below to see why we think 3D models are the future of online retailing.
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Bathroom & Kitchen fittings...
Does your company manufacture bathroom & kitchen fittings or sell them online? Want to make you products look sexier? Commision us to make online 3D models of your products. It costs less than you may think and it could boost your sales.
Chrome Tap
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Contact us
Sounds cool huh? If you're ready to take your online presence to the next level, please get in touch today. We'll give you a fast & competitive quote to have your products converted to real-time 3D models.