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Can the real-time 3D models be viewed on a Mac/Windows/Linux computer?

The 3D models can be viewed on any personal computer, independent of platform. The browser should have Java installed/enabled. (see next question).

Are 3rd party plug-ins required?

Other than Java (which most computers have installed), no additional browser plug-ins have to be installed in order to view the 3D models. Click here to see Adobe's latest statistics for Flash and Java user base.

How large are the 3D files?

Given the quality of the final models, the file sizes are surprisingly modest. A typical 3D mobile phone will be around 250-400KB depending on the design.

Can the 3D model be customised to my requirements?

Yes, all our models are custom made to YOUR requirements. We create bespoke 3D models exactly to the customer's specification.

Can my model have moving parts?

Yes, e.g. slider phones can be made to open and close at the press of a button.

Can my model be shown in various colours?

Yes, if your product is available in multiple colours, we can make a model which changes colour at the click of a button (e.g. this mobile phone)

How is the 3D model made?

By using a NextEngine 3D Scanner HD*, an accurate 3D model of the product is obtained. We then optimise this model to obtain a low polygon, low bandwidth, 3D model, suitable for real-time viewing in a web browser. Realistic textures are applied to the model, 2D backdrop elements are added and finally, the model is published in a format suitable for viewing in a web browser.


*We can also work from CAD data, detailed measurements, blueprints and photographs of the product.

Next Engine Scanner
How long does it take?

A typical mobile phone 3D model will take us approximately 3-5 days depending on the design.

How much does it cost to have a 3D model made of my product?

Less than you might think. Please call us on 01506 490036 or email sales@aardvark3ddesign.co.uk to discuss pricing.