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3D for Products

3D graphics are increasingly replacing traditional product photography for marketing.

We can create high quality still images or animations of your existing products or even products which are still at the design stage.

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We can take concept sketches, blueprints, CAD data or the physical product itself and produce beautifully rendered 3D images for the web or print.
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3D for Automotive

3D CGI has become the norm in the automotive industry. From modelling to lighting, texturing and rendering, we have a proven track record of producing high quality automotive work.

Combined with our HDR panoramic photography service, we can place a CGI car in any environment and have truly lifelike lighting and reflections.

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3D for Architects

We can provide realistic architectural images and animations for Architects and property developers. Please get in touch for more information.

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3D Scanning

We offer a competitively priced, small parts scanning service. Using a Next Engine 3D Scanner HD we can scan small parts and output the 3D data is a variety of popular formats (STL, OBJ, IGES etc). Please get in touch for more information.

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HDR Photography

For seamless integration of CGI elements and photographed backplates, we create custom 360 degree high dynamic range images, up to 50 megapixel resolution.

The resulting floating point images (available as EXR or HDR files) are suitable for image based lighting (IBL) and realistic environment reflections in most 3D applications. Please get in touch for more information.

panoramic photography

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Turntable Photography

Interactive 360 degree turntable spins are a great way to give online customers a better view of your products before they buy. Our product photography studio uses a computer controlled turntable for accurate, repeatable results. Please get in touch for more details.